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​Stephen Bowman’s writings have a precarious cutting edge between fiction and nonfiction.  His first book was about priests who disappeared in the jungles of Brazil, victims of government Death Squads.  While this book was being reviewed by publishers, his agent asked him to fly to Guyana to investigate a missing California congressman: the rumors of a Reverend Jim Jones religious cult were proven true with a mass suicide/murder of over 900 men, women and children in Jonestown.

For many, “pollution” was a word they first saw in an article by Bowman.  And when he wrote about a fictional, modern-day version of the Wounded Knee massacre at Pine Ridge Indian reservation, it was only a little surprising when the story came to life a few weeks later.  It became the longest siege in US history.

Bowman’s best-seller, Morning Ran Red, solved a one-hundred-year-old unsolved mass murder.  His next book, Operation Monarch, uncovered an international child abuse ring and money-laundering scheme involving children’s charities, government agencies and powerful people world-wide.

Then a terrorist bomb took down Pan Am 103 over Scotland on its way to the United States.  For Bowman this was a signal: terrorism was on its way to North America.  Bowman had met with ex-CIA director William Colby while researching the child abuse ring, now Colby assisted Bowman in his research on the terrorist threat by opening doors in Washington, D.C.  The result was, When the Eagle Screams – America’s Vulnerability to Terrorism, a book that predicted the coming Age of Terrorism, and specifically, the Oklahoma City bomb, the World Trade Center bomb, and, after publication, that the World Trade Center was the most dangerous workplace in America, likely to be hit by hijacked airliners.  Bowman’s book predicted almost everything that has happened regarding terrorism, foreign and domestic, from 1993 to today.

Upcoming books continue the examination of our world’s issues, including illegal immigration, corporate fraud, gang culture, drug smuggling, and prison reform.

Stephen is also a popular freelance writer.​