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Every word should have a goal to motivate, or it is probably wasted.  Or even gets in the way and detracts from overall success.  

A good writer is a student of words. 

There is a lot of talk about writers finding themselves or their voices.  It has more to do with having confidence in your thoughts.  I think form and structure and grammar are part of the creative tools, determined by the audience and the characters.  The writer just kind of rides along when it's working at it's best.  

Early on I found it incongruous to write a business plan in the morning  and a steamy novel that night.  But then I realized it was just a mirror of my life, and I got more stuff done.

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BMG earns billions of dollars for hundreds of direct response clients

A partial list includes: Liberty Mutual; Equitable of New York; Equitable of Iowa; The Country Companies; American Family; CUNA Mutual; American Express; CitiBank; Fireman’s Fund; Phoenix Mutual; American Bankers; The Hartford; National Rifle Association (NRA); Samsung Life, Korea; American Association of Retired Persons (AARP); Mutual of Omaha; Amoco Life; Imperial Casualty; Empire Life; BMA; Old American; The Saturday Evening Post; Environmental Impact Association; Old American; FRELO; Life Investors; JC Penney; plus many social and professional associations and fraternal organizations.

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"The goal of each sentence is to make the reader want to read the next one." 
-John Irving, author

"I am the world's worst writer, but I am the world's best rewrite man."
-James Michener, author

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Monthly Retainer Examples

  • Rewrite ongoing promotions.
  • Edit corporate communications for continuity.
  • Rewrite control packages.
  • Rewrite customer communications.