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Morning Ran Red   The mystery that is America's greatest unsolved crime

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Morning Ran Red

Morning Ran Red, or MRR as it is known to fans, is a must for every mystery reader’s experience. Touted for its compelling storytelling, literary quality, and historical significance, many readers and reviewers feel that MRR shares the stage with Capote’s In Cold Blood as one of the best in the genre.

Based on the Villisca Axe Murders of 1912, the mass murder has become one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in American history. As with other ground-breaking books, MRR is not only about the tragedy, but has itself become an integral part of the modern-day story.

Many writers had tried and failed to write the story of the famous unsolved crime. Bowman realized that it was not simply about a gruesome mass murder. It was a story about people. A love triangle. Rich against poor. Town against country. Families against families.

For decades the town tried to hide the secrets of the tragedy. Bowman’s book blew the lid off, but today is recognized as important to the town’s history and progress.

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