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Circus Ole

Some might compare Circus Ole to a modern-day version of The Music Man, only this time the trouble entering the small, Nebraska town of Fremont is illegal immigrants.

It is a novel, but about the very real happenings in Fremont after the town adopted the anti-immigration laws that had been proposed and disapproved in Arizona. It puts faces on all the players.

My Good Friend Warren Buffet

This is a crazy, zany memoir of how the author ended up in federal prison, convicted of financial fraud, ending a tremendously successful writing career, and how the system needs to be changed if the United States wants to stop being the leader in prisoner lock-up statistics.

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The Witches of Berkeley

The Witches of Berkeley is a six-decades saga examining the lives of Sixties Generation friends as they evolve to present day.

Beacon House Blues

Beacon House is a major insurance company on its way down the tubes. 
Located in Chicago on Michigan Avenue (by the way, one of city’s newest and largest buildings is missing; Bowman stole the Miracle Mile Building and made it the national headquarters for Beacon House), the story explores corporate intrigue, drug cartel, Chicago corruption and gang expansion. As with all of Bowman’s books, it is difficult to tell where real and fiction depart.

The Veterinarian’s Helper

The Veterinarian’s Helper is a coming of age novel where the innocence of youth and extreme evil collide. 

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The Book of QUA

The Book of Qua rivals both the zany and the deadly serious aspects of the famous, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Only this time it addresses the horrors of the United States’ federal prisoner warehouse system. 
The first copy of this writing was seized by prison guards and destroyed while the author was subjected to the filth of the solitary confinement cells of the Pinellas County prison system. It is tragic and uplifting, hopeless and hopeful.